Simply-Phones have introduced a hosted PBX phone system that gives small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) a fresh and interactive gateway to effective communication. This PBX virtual phone system allows companies to eliminate the costs usually associated with setting up business phones on their premises. The numerous advantages of this include:

No upfront costs. Using a hosted interface ensures that companies do not have to install the complex equipment at their offices. The office phones are provided via a user friendly software interface, and customers can access the service from remote locations. All customers have to do is log into their account from any device which supports Wi Fi or 3G connections, configure their settings and utilize the system accordingly.

No maintenance issues. With hosted PBX, the whole hardware configuration and server setup is maintained by the service provider at their location. Thus, you do not have to hire a skilled workforce to deal with any maintenance problems that arise. Consequently, all the maintenance related costs are eradicated.

Scalability costs are minimized. Often, if a company opts for a phone system that is based on its’ premises, the capital spent on setting all of this infrastructure up is wasted. Inevitably, cost concerns result in under utilization of resources, and expanding the infrastructure is expensive. With hosted PBX, your business is free to use the phone system as much as it requires, and you only have to pay for the parts of the service that you use.

Long distance calls are very cost effective. In the past, most businesses utilized PSTN systems, which adopted analog lines to facilitate communication. The introduction of hosted VOIP PBX has allowed businesses to reach international customers by making overseas long distance calls affordable. With PBX, long distance calls are billed at least eighty percent lower than standard analog telephone calls.

Easy integration with your current setup. The first thing you have to think about, when you are trying to set up a new and improved communication channel, is how well your new channel will integrate with your current channel. Many businesses are deterred from trying to improve their office phones because of the money they have to spend on new equipment. However, hosted PBX can integrate with your current business phones, which eliminates the need to buy extra equipment. Thus, switching to a more advanced communication model is made easy.

These money saving benefits of Virtual PBX are just a few of the reasons why SMBs are opting for this interface as their preferred business phone platform. Other advantages of this communication channel are increased staff efficiency and improved business productivity. Moreover, your company will look more professional in the eyes of its’ customers.