How Easy Is It To Set Up New Recordings?

Simply upload any new recording and assign it a location in a matter of two minutes. THAT SIMPLE!

How Hard Is It To Set Up The APP On My Ipad?

It is just as easy to scan the QR CODE on your Ipad and make that your new phone at home and people will think your at the office! It goes with you and thus, you have a second phone without the second cost!

I Need Multiple Fax Numbers For Individual Clients Cases

We offer you as many fax numbers as you like to assure that you can make files for each. We understand attorney's and insurance companies like to have a fax number for each case. It is so simple to ensure you do not mix case files this way....

I Need Help Setting Up My Auto Attendent Call Flow

We offer you help all the time. We have self help videos so you SEE how to do it. We also offer you diagrams that you will find easy to use to set up your call flow. We are support friendly!

I Want To Make A Voicemail Message For Each Extension

Not a problem. Make one, upload it, or call in and record it, then assign it to the extension you want and it will work!

I Need To Keep My Same Phone Number

Of course we will gladly keep your existing phone number. We understand that none of your current customers would be able to find you if you changed your phone number. With Local Number Portability we handle that for you very SIMPLY.

Can I Have The Same Voicemail Security?

Voicemail security is exactly the same on Hosted PBX as you have with equipment on your rack. We send emails directly to your email to ensure you never miss any. Of course you can get them form the phone as well.

Who Should Use a Hosted PBX?

Any business that wants to be professional. Consumers demand professional companies and will not deal with one that does not seem to be above board. Therefore, if you want to impress and keep customers, you should have us set you up today!

I Like Toll Free Numbers

Getting as many Toll Free Numbers for your business is easily done and you can have as many on your account as you want. We will gladly give you as many standard phone numbers as you like as well.

What About Support?

There is a knowledge base that will handle 90% of your questions and then of course you can call the company and have anything handled easily!  SUPPORT LINK

Reliability- How Reliable is Hosted PBX?

Without a question it is 100% reliable and you will not ever see issues with it in the cloud. Your up-time is 99.9%

What Is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX basically means we have your PBX in our servers and you do not need equipment hanging in a telephone closet anymore. No one else needs to fix it all the time as we handle the maintenance of it on a 24/7 basis.