Hosted PBX Business Phone Systems

If your company requires a phone system, there is no need to buy any equipment. Thankfully, the Simply-Phones hosted PBX system is the answer. These systems are low in cost and high in quality. Moreover, they offer an up time guarantee of 99.9%.

There can be little doubt that hosted Private Branch Exchange solutions are here for the long term. The technology, that was initially too expensive for smaller and medium sized companies, is now an affordable option for them. The Simply-Phones virtual phone system is a cost effective package for all businesses, both small and large.

Companies are always searching for reliable business phones, which can manage calls professionally and efficiently. Hosted PBX solutions are now the preferred office phones of most small and medium sized firms. PBX over cloud functions on Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). This internet protocol has a quality of service (QoS) feature which assigns preference to voice over information, thereby enhancing the VoIP call quality. These are the real Virtual PBX advantages:

Extremely Cost Efficient

Most companies are motivated to use this technology, because it can save them a huge amount of money in operating fees. PBX services enable firms to lower their telephone costs by up to 50%. There are no maintenance demands, no upfront fees, and you will receive excellent call quality without having to undergo a lot of stress.

Attractive Rates for Calls

You do not have to worry about whether you are making an overseas or local telephone call. This technology eliminates any stress you may have about your phone bills. A hosted VOIP PBX service makes it simple to phone anywhere on the planet for the smallest possible charge. As a result, you can speak to your clients, irrespective of where they are, whilst still saving a great deal of cash.

Excellent Features for Calling

The massive array of great calling features are what make this communication technology truly exceptional. You will get all the crucial business features, like call conferencing, voice mail, call waiting, personalized greetings and voice mail to email, etc. Before this technology existed, all of these features would have cost a huge amount of money.

Greater Call Control

PBX hosted services allow you to deal with big numbers of calls at the same time. Every call is managed to an identical standard. The advanced features on calls, like simultaneous ringing, mean that none of your vital business calls will be missed.

One thing worthy of note is that no features of a traditional PBX system have been sacrificed at all. Actually, the advanced features on calls, described above, are an enhancement. Subscribe to hosted PBX and turn your business around today.