Small and medium-sized businesses will have a chance to communicate effectively through a fresh and interactive gateway used by a newly produced hosted PBX phone system courtesy of Simply-Phones. The virtual phone system can eliminate the business startup costs related to installation of business phones for many of these companies, within their business premises. This move comes with plenty of advantages that include:

No initial costs – Companies that use a hosted interface do not need to install complex equipment within their offices. Instead, a user-friendly interface will help provide virtual office phones to enable clients access the services offered remotely. All these clients need to do is login to their accounts from any Wi-Fi or 3G-enabled devices, and then reconfigure their settings in order to take advantage of this system appropriately.

No maintenance complications – The hosted PBX system ensures that the service provider is responsible for configuration and maintenance of the whole hardware and server setup. No skilled workforce therefore, needs to be hired to solve maintenance complications that arise. This results in the elimination of all maintenance-related costs.

Reduction of Scalability costs – The capital spent on setting up a phone system within any company business premises is usually high and considered a waste. Expanding the related infrastructure is very expensive especially when the concern on cutting costs leads to under- utilization of those resources. With the PBX hosted system, you only pay for what you use while your business maintains the freedom to use the phones as much as is required.

Cost effective long distance calls — In the business phones were attached to PSTN systems that adopted the analogue lines to enable communication. PBX however, has taken advantage of the newly introduced hosted VOIP to enable businesses call international clients overseas, at affordable rates. In fact, with PBX the long distance calls are more than eighty percent cheaper than analogue telephone calls.

Ease of integration with your current infrastructure — Before setting up a new and improved channel for communication purposes, you need to first consider how well it will integrate with existing set-ups. Most businesses avoid office phones improvements because of the expensive equipment costs. PBX hosted systems however allow for easy integration with existing phones, thus eliminating need for new equipment. As a result, changing to advanced communication models becomes easy.

The above cost-cutting benefits are just a few of the reasons as to why SMBs are opting for the virtual phone system interfaces as their business phone platform of choice. Additional advantages include enhancement of staff efficiency as well as business productivity. Moreover, clients will be impressed with your improved professional look and behavior.