Simply-Phones Harnesses the Power of the Cloud

The cloud is a large number of super computers in multiple locations. These computers run next generation software, are monitored 24/7 365 days a year. These cloud computers provide maximum uptime, so your phone system is always working.

We made sure there could be no single point of failure.
Simply Phones Cloud Servers

Simply-Phones – Helps You Manage Your Business Anywhere!

Simply-Phones can use a variety of IP based desk phones.

Simply-Phones has an application for the iPhone & android based phones. This application will allows you to use your cell phone, just like you would an office phone. Wherever there is a wifi, or typical 3g/4g connection, you can always receive calls, and manage your business.

If you do not have an unlimited data plan on your mobile phone, you can always forward your calls directly to your cell phone number. Actually, you can forward calls to any number!
Simply Phones iPhone and Android Phone App

Simply Phones Quick and Easy Phone Setup

Manage all Aspects of Your Virtual Phone System Right From Your Internet Web Browser

  • Add or delete phones

  • Create New Extensions

  • Create IVR / Auto Attendents

  • Setup iPhone / android Softphones

And Much More!